Gapado AiR

Gapado AiR


Establishing sophisticated cultural infrastructure is essential to enrich the lives of the residents and deliver a special experience to travelers. Gapado AiR is a creative space for domestic and international artists from diverse art realms to be fully immersed in their work surrounded by the beauty of nature. Artists from all across the globe shall spend a few months on the island of Gapado to ponder over their own unique styles of expression, gain new inspirations then return to where they came from. A lively exchange among artists from various fields will transform this region into a new cultural hub of creativity.
Building culture as a new pillar along with Gapado’s foundational ecology and the local economy to ensure its sustainable development, and actively communicating with the world beyond the sea to change each other’s landscapes in creative ways; these are the big aspirations that the small island off the southwest coast of Jejudo hopes to achieve through Gapado AiR.


Gapado is one of the rare islands with flat land. Just 4km away from land, it’s easily accessible and its small size of 1.3km in diameter allows one to visit every corner on foot. To maintain the island’s flat landscape, architect Choi Wook came up with an idea to leverage underground facilities that lay neglected so as to blend with Gapado’s existing landscape.
The observatory is the only structure that stands out, from which one can see the Jeju mainland and Marado, the southernmost island of Korea. All the remaining facilities are hidden underneath the ground. A small zigzag pathway from the seaside road toward the building leads to an open gallery at the entrance. Inside there is a rest area with a garden, an office area and studios along a long open corridor that offer independent work spaces.
All structures are carefully coordinated so that their size, location and materials do not stand out among others and become part of the local architecture to blend in with Gapado’s landscape.
The humble architecture with a lessened sense of presence acts as a tool to highlight the natural and human activities against the background landscape, as well as a means for the artist to turn the island itself into a stage and actively sympathize with the region.


  • Community Lounge

    107m2 (32.5PY)

    Facilities : Equipped with kitchen and tableware, art& culture related literature, projector, speaker, sofa, meeting table and chairs

  • Architecture

    53m2 (16PY)

    Facilities : Work table, chair, stool, multi-purpose sink table, water supplies, cooling and heating systems

  • Accommodation

    41m2 (12.5PY)

    Facilities : Desk, chair, closet, super single bed, mattress and bedding, Individual toilet, terrace, cooling and heating systems


Address 12 Gapa-ri, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si,
Jeju-do, Republic of Korea

Hours Tuesday~Sunday 10:00 ~ 16:00
*Closed on Monday and National holidays (Closed when the ferry is canceled.)