Gapado AiR

Agnese Galiotto

  • Nationality Italy
  • Duration 2022.05~2022.10

Agnese Galiotto is an Italian painter and filmmaker living in Chiampo, a valley of the Small Dolomites. She graduated from Städelschule Frankfurt (DE) in 2021, and previously gained a BA in painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan (IT).

Her practice combines the ancient technique of fresco painting and cinema: both medium are for her tools which to engage in elaborating narratives and developing immersive installations, while her research revolves around the relationship between human identity and natural world.

Her work focuses mainly on the impossibility of identifying with others, both human and un-human beings, and operates from an intimate perspective trough memories, imagination and re-elaborations of reality. Questioning the role of movement and migration in peripheral mountain areas, her recent works have became for her a starting point to research on nature as an impermanent element.

She had been collaborating with the art residency program Dolomiti Contemporanee (IT), and have been showing her work in Frankfurter Kunstverein (DE), Kunstal Gent (BE) and BFI SouthBank London (UK). Her short films have been screened in cinemas and film festivals around Europe. Between them Fid Campus - FID Marseille, (FR) where she got chosen for the Med in Doc MaritimaTv Award 2021. One of her fresco paintings is permanently shown at Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main (DE) from 2020.