Gapado AiR

An Jungju + Jun Sojung

  • Nationality South Korea
  • Duration 2022.05~2022.10

Jungju An transforms, variates, fragments, and loops sounds and images collected from mass media and everyday life, creating video works with a distinctive narrative structure. Sojung Jun constructs nonlinear time-space dimensions to stir up new awareness on the history and the present, or deals with the experience when material borders shift and penetrate our daily senses. The artists have actively held solo projects, but have also collaborated under the project name p.2, carrying out projects such as This Rose-garland Crown (Atelier Hermes, Seoul, 2015). At times, they form a band under the name Black Night to explore the political possibilities between music and visual language, as in the cases of Fictional Frictions (HIAP at the Gwangju Biennale Pavilion Project, Gwangju, 2018) and Black Night, VIDEO NIGHT (d/p, Seoul, 2018). Their collaborative work is less of a technical partnership to solve a given mission, but more an autogenous effort to draw on each other's senses to be able to explore what is beyond each one's established boundaries. It is also a methodology of finding new pathways through the act of exchanging words and adding questions.