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Eun Heekyung

South Korea

Eun Heekyung made her literary debut in 1995 with her novella Duet ; in the same year, she won the Munhakdongne Novel Award with her novel Gift from a Bird.

Eun has won numerous awards, including the 1997 Dongseo Literature Award, the 1998 Yisang Literary Award, the 2000 Korea Literature Award, the 2002 Hankook Ilbo Literature award, the 2006 Isan literature Award, the 2007 Dongin Literary Award, and 2014 Whangsunwon literature Award.

She has written 13 books : the short story collections To Try Talking with a Stranger(1996), Happy Ones Do Not Look at the Clock(1999), Inheritance(2002), Beauty Looks Down on Me(2007), Like No Other(2014), and Chinese Roulette(2016) ; the novels Gift from a Bird(1995), Save the Last Dance for Me(1998), Was It a Dream?(1999), Minor League(2001), Secrets and Lies(2005), Let Boys Cry(2010), and Gesture Life(2012).

Some of her works translated in France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy, America, Japan, vietnam and China.