Gapado AiR


Gapado Artist in Residence (AiR) received professional consul-ting on matters such as resident artist recommendation and residency program planning from Gapado AiR committee members consisting of internationally renowned curators and professionals.


Visual arts(Painting, sculpture, installation, design, video, photography etc.) Architecture, Literature etc.
Individual, Duo group
Residency duration
First half, Second half
Residency period
April and September every year
Individual/Group studio, individual accommodation, living expenses, work and activity related expenses, round-trip airfare
How to Apply
Recommendation by Gapado Artist in Residence (AiR) Committee or Open call (Open call will be started at a later date)


  • AiR Talk

    This program invites Arts & Culture experts and prominent curators from home and abroad who are visiting Jejudo, in order to facilitate active communication with the artists. It serves as an opportunity for the artists to discover new ideas about their creative process and works.

  • Residency Artists’ Exhibition

    Artworks created during the residency period are exhibited under diverse themes and formats in the Gapado Artist in Residence (AiR) gallery to share the works by the artists in residency. Support for the introducing and exhibiting of works by artists in residency in other art museums and galleries will be provided in the near future.

  • Open Studio

    Work space, materials, equipment and creative work of the artist are open to the public, offering visitors a chance to understand the process of creating an artwork and experience the Gapado Artist in Residency (AiR) space. For the artists, it serves as an opportune moment to promote their activities and reflect on their work from a new perspective.

  • Culture & Art Field Trip

    Field trips to key culture and art destinations in Seoul and Jejudo to boost understanding and interest in contemporary Korean art.

  • AiR Critic

    It is a mentoring program that matches artists and external experts to conduct in-depth 1:1 critic, and it provides opportunities to produce criticisms through work analysis and discussion.

  • Local Community Event

    Events highlighting the local characteristics, and programs where residents participate will be organized to deliver the artistic values created by the Gapado Artist in Residence (AiR) artists dedicated to the culture and people of Gapado.